Pica8 PicaPilot | Switch Orchestration Software

Pica8 PicaPilot Switch Orchestration Software

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IT Business Drivers
· Enable rapid service creation in order to grow topline revenue
· Extend automation and common tools across teams, including cross training to bridge operational silos
· Drive technology alignment opportunities by leveraging supply chain best practice across functional areas

Open Networking Value
· Networking now follows the open supply chain as the server industry
· Bare metal hardware ecosystem and standards are maturing, driven by the Open Compute Project (OCP)
· Hardware-agnostic Linux based network software is transforming network economics and innovation just like the server side of the data center
· Foundation and fundamental for delivering a unified view of automation and policy driven networks with the best economics


Pica8 PicOS Datasheet

Ordering Information

Part Number Variant
P-OS-1G-PP PicaPilot Add-on license for 1G (requires Enterprise Edition)
P-OS-1G-PP-24 PicaPilot Add-on license for 24-Port 1G (requires Enterprise Edition)
P-OS-10G-PP PicaPilot Add-on license for 10/25/40G (requires Enterprise Edition)
P-OS-100G-PP PicaPilot Add-on license for 100G (requires Enterprise Edition)

Network Type

Data Transfer Rate