Open Network Linux (ONL)

Linux Distribution for Open Hardware Switches and Part of the OCP (Open Compute Project)

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Open Network Linux (ONL)

Linux Distribution for Open Hardware Switches and Part of the OCP (Open Compute Project)
Open Network Linux (ONL) is an open source Linux distribution for bare metal switches. It provides a foundational platform software layer on which to build your own network operating systems on top of Open Networking hardware. It supports multiple switch fabric APIs and is compatible with most forwarding agents. Networking solutions based on ONL deliver speed, freedom and efficiency, and have been adopted by numerous data center organizations, from hyperscalers and service providers to mainstream enterprises and cloud providers. Open Network Linux was initially proposed by Big Switch Networks at the Open Compute Project Engineering Workshop in San Antonio in 2013 and was adopted by the OCP to be their reference network operating system.

Why choose Open Network Linux (ONL)

ONL supports 110+ networking switches, of which 33+ are either OCP accepted or inspired

Full Control
Open-source platform layer with pluggable components for the forwarding stack and device management and programming components
Architectural Freedom
Built for Open Networking hardware platforms with modular architecture to accelerate the adoption of hardware to broaden the networking ecosystem
Component in a Growing Collection
Open Network Linux provides the OS and platform management parts of the Open Networking Foundation’s (ONF) CORD and Stratum projects
Flexible and Versatile
ONL already accelerates and enhances the network infrastructures of numerous large telecommunication, enterprise and SaaS data centers

How Open Network Linux (ONL) Works

Learn how Open Network Linux (ONL) can leverage your Open Networking hardware ecosystem by allowing you to focus innovation on the higher layers of software


Test Open Network Linux (ONL) at STORDIS LABS

STORDIS LABS runs two of the most advanced technical laboratories for Open Networking technology in Europe. Proficient network engineers are continually testing the latest hardware and software configurations, and also provide remote access for customers to test specific use cases. Feel free to contact us if you would like to test your configuration with ONL.

Free Consultancy

Would you like to know more about ONL and how it can help to make your network more efficient and future-ready? Book a first, free consultancy with one of our Open Networking Experts now!

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