ONIE (Open Network Install Environment)


Enhanced Bootloader and Small Operating System

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ONIE (Open Network Install Environment)

Enhanced Bootloader and Small Operating System
ONIE is an open source initiative that defines an open install environment for bare metal network switches. ONIE enables a bare metal network switch ecosystem where end users have a choice among different network operating systems. The project was initiated by Cumulus Networks in 2012, alongside founding members such as Accton, Agema, Big Switch Networks, Broadcom, Cumulus Networks, Dell, Penguin Computing and Quanta, and contributed to the Open Compute Project in 2013. ONIE acts as a firmware on bare metal network switches providing an environment for automated operating system provisioning.

Why Choose ONIE

ONIE enables automated large-scale data center switch provisioning

Network Operating System Interface
ONIE enables the operating system to perform provisioning and maintenance operations, including uninstalling and reinstalling the operating system, rescue and recovery, and updating
ONIE enables disaggregation by opening up the ecosystem to multiple operating system vendors, allowing them to port on white box and bare metal switches and defying vendor lock-in
ONIE Installer
The installer is responsible for the installation the operating system into the hardware. Its flexibility allows for simplified operations and management

How ONIE Works

Learn how ONIE enhances and automates your network infrastructure providing an environment for the operating system


STORDIS LABS runs two of the most advanced technical laboratories for Open Networking technology in Europe. Proficient network engineers are continually testing the latest hardware and software configurations, and also provide remote access for customers to test specific use cases. Feel free to contact us if you would like to test your configuration with ONIE.

Free Consultancy

Would you like to know more about ONIE and how it can help to make your network more efficient and future-ready? Book a first, free consultancy with one of our Open Networking Experts now!

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