Edgecore Networks DCS801 (WEDGE100BF-32QS) | 100G Intel Tofino Data Center Switch

Edgecore 32x 100GbE QSFP28 ToR spine switch, Tofino ASIC (Quad-Pipeline), Layer 2/3 switching and routing via additional OS, redundant PSU, 3Y Warranty

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Key Features

Use Cases
· Campus networks (Layer 2, Layer 3)
· Data center CLOS networks
· Storage networks (iSCSI and NAS)
· Network automation and overlay environments (EVPN-VXLAN)
· Hyperconverged network environments

· Future-proof and innovative hardware design through hyperscale use
· Reduce costs by up to 50%
· Linux-based platform with a free choice of applications
· Automation of repetitive tasks to reduce installation/configuration effort
· Versatility across different use cases (switching, routing, load balancing, etc.)
· Install and exchange the OS for individual requirement
· Independency of hardware and software
· Easy use of CLI, Linux Shell and automated installation/configuration

Supported Switch Operating Systems
The Wedge100BF-32QS is a cost-effective, bare-metal switch pre-loaded with Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) for automated loading of compatible open source and commercial Network Operating Systems, including Open Network Linux (ONL), IP Infusion’s software solutions and SONiC for different network use cases and requirements.

Key Features
· 32 x QSFP28 ports supporting up to 32 x 25/40/50/100 GbE connections
· Barefoot Tofino ASIC (Quad-Pipeline)
· Hot swappable, load-sharing redundant PSUs
· 4+1 redundant, hot-swappable fan modules
· Hardware switch pre-loaded with Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) for automated loading of compatible open source and commercial NOS offerings

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Ordering Information

Part Number Variant
Wedge100BF-32QS-O-AC-F 2x AC PSUs, Front to Back Airflow
Wedge100BF-32QS-O-48V-F 2x -48V PSUs, Front to Back Airflow

Network Type

Data Transfer Rate

Number of Ports


Connector Type


CPU Type

Power Supply

2x AC PSU, 2x DC PSU

Chassis Height


Supported Network OS

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