Microtel Innovation RT-604 | Network Packet Broker

Microtel Innovation Modular Network Packet Broker, up to 4 modules with each 8X1G or 8x10G output ports (2x MTP/MPO Connectors) and 4x 1/10 Gigabit optical TAP links, Redundant AC/DC Power, 2U

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Key Features

RT-604 Network Packet Broker at a Glance

  • Integrated TAPs
  • L2-L4 filtering
  • Traffic aggregation and replication
  • Secure by design


  • Protect data integrity, and avoid any unauthorized intrusion
    • Secure monitoring data from any possible intrusion, using the PTP function
    • Thanks to the integrated TAPs, it prevents any potential attacks or disruption to the live traffic, protecting the fiber network from light injection.
  • Reduce space and power footprint as both tapping and packet brokering capabilities are implemented in one only box
  • Feed the monitoring tools with the relevant data, by filtering the network traffic up to L4 or using UDB filtering capabilities

Product Description

    RT-604 is Microtel Innovation’s Network Packet Broker secure by design. It boasts a unique feature: several integrated TAPs for a secure and controlled access to the network. It implements the “Protected TAP Ports (PTP)” functionality: SNMP alarms are raised in case of disconnection of the output cables, and the related output ports are disabled.

    RT-604 works on 1/10Gb/s links, providing the capability to tap, filter and aggregate network traffic in a single box, performing traffic load balance towards the monitoring tools at wire speeds.


Ordering Information

    Please get in touch with us to correctly configure the device for your needs
Part Number Variant
RT-604-B2 RT-604 Base Unit, 2U, 19” rack mount, can host up to 4×1/10G input/output modules
RT-604-4T-sytkzz* RT-604 module, including 8X1G or 8x10G output ports (2x MTP/MPO Connectors) and 4x 1/10 Gigabit optical TAP links. Filtering/aggregating capabilities included.
    Option s (input speed) & k (ouput speed):
    s,k=G=1G or s,k=H=10G.
    Option y (input ports fiber type) & t (output ports fiber type):
    y,t=L=singlemode (9/125 μm-OS1) or y,t= S=multimode (62.5/125 μm-OM1) or y,t=F=multimode (50/125 μm-OM3).
    Option zz (split ratios):
    zz=55=50/50 or 64=60/40 or 73=70/30 or 82=80/20 or 91=90/10

Data Transfer Rate

Connector Type


Chassis Height


Split Ratio

50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20, 90/10

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