PacketLight PL-1000RO-2-50

PacketLight PL-1000RO ROADM 1×2 WSS – 50G spacing

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Key Features
· Flexible wavelengths Add/Drop
· Automatic Optical Power Equalization
· Directionless, Colorless architecture
· Supports up to 96 C-Band channels
· Up to 8-degree ROADM
· Supporting Mesh, Ring and Linear add/ drop topologies
· Flexible channel spacing 50GHz/100GHz
· Optical Power Level Monitoring for all channels
· Supports 8 channel internal DWDM Mux/Demux
· Supports optional embedded EDFA Booster/Preamp
· Ready for 40Gbps and 100Gbps transmission format
· Embedded Optical Supervisory Channel for remote management
· Dual AC or DC pluggable Power Supply and pluggable FAN Unit
· A-Z provisioning and service management using PacketLight’s LightWatch (TM) NMS


PacketLight PL-1000RO-2-50 Datasheet