PacketLight PL-1000-8-D-T

PacketLight PL-1000 4 ch box with DWDM 8 ch Mux/ DeMux, ribbon cable

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Key Features
· Highly flexible metro DWDM platform for transport of data, storage, and voice applications over dark fiber and
C/DWDM networks
· Performs bidirectional 3R ensuring error free operation over distance. Supports 10G Eth LAN/WAN, OC-192/ STM-64, 10G FC in any mix
· Cost-effective, compact 1U platform with low power consumption ideal CLE (Customer Located Equipment)
· Remote management with dedicated optical supervisory channels Pluggable XFP interface for both service and WDM channels, allowing maximum flexibility as well as ease of maintenance
and operation
· Support for 10G Tunable XFP’s
· Pay-as-you-grow architecture
· Supports facility protection
· Bidirectional performance monitoring for 10G Eth LAN/WAN, 10G FC and OC-192/STM-64 services
· Support for Single fiber and Dual fiber operation

Suitable for follwoing Applications
· Interconnection of LAN, TDM and SAN over remote metro sites
· High bandwidth managed service over dark fiber
· Simple upgrade of existing CWDM or DWDM networks to support 10G
· High throughput Metro Ethernet connectivity
· Effective infrastructure for triple play, NGN and DSLAM backhaul
· Efficient central office and local exchange connectivity


PacketLight PL-1000-8-D-T Datasheet