ProfiTAP F1-10G-BP | Bypass TAP

ProfiTAP Rack-mountable 1G/10G Bypass TAP, Multimode or Singlemode, 1U

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Product Information
Profitap Bypass TAP is an intelligent device that keeps the network link operational even when in-line security appliances become unavailable. Placed in front of these in-line tools, it represents a fail-safe solution that continuously checks their availability. If the tools’ availability is compromised in any way, the TAP automatically switches to a bypass mode, maintaining the network link up until the issue is fixed.


· Protects the network link availability
· Bidirectional and configurable Heartbeats
· Supports link failure propagation (LFP)
· No point of failure
· Redundant powering
· Secure and completely invisible to the network

Link Failure Propagation
Profitap Bypass TAP transmits link failure errors between ports, allowing the network to activate a redundant path, while the TAP stays available for auto-negotiation. LFP ensures less downtime, and is essential for high availability networks.

Technical Specifications

· 1 x LC Quad
· 2 x SFP+
· 2 x RJ45 8 pins
· 2 x 12 VDC
· 8 x Link/Activity
· 2 x Power
· 1 x Bypass
· 1 x Fan
· 1 Gbps — 10 Gbps
· 120 x 205 x 45 mm — 4.72 x 8.07 x 1.61 in
· 730 g – 1.61 lb
Power Consumption
· 18 W
· RoHS — CE
· 100-240 V Power Supply


ProfiTAP F1-10G-BP Datasheet

Ordering Information

Part Number Variant
F1-10G-BP-Z Multimode, 1/10 Gbps
F1-10G-BP-S Singlemode, 1/10 Gbps

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