ProfiTAP C1AP-100 | ProfiShark 100M


ProfiTAP ProfiShark 100M: 10/100 Ethernet into USB 3.0 portable troubleshooter, Blue label

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Key Features

The ProfiShark 100M is an industry favorite when it comes to Ethernet Troubleshooting. It is designed for both regular Ethernet and Real-Time Industrial Internet and offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for tapping into your 10/100 network.

The ProfiShark 100M is a straightforward solution which allows for unparalleled network monitoring. In-line, it sees and monitors all 7 OSI layers. It captures and aggregates full-duplex traffic at wirespeed (200 Mb/s). Ultra compact and easy to use, it only requires one USB 3.0 (480 Mb/s) port. The hardware setup takes less than a minute.

  • 10/100 monitoring on USB
  • USB powered
  • Non-intrusive, fail-safe monitoring
  • Hardware aggregation
  • In-Line mode
  • 8 ns hardware timestamp
  • 802.3af and VoIP compliant
  • Customizable real time statistics
  • In-depth network port diagnostics
  • Low level error and bandwidth monitoring
  • Direct capture to disk
  • Invisible to the network
  • Live Capture



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