ProfiTAP F2S | SC Fiber TAP

ProfiTAP 2-Link SC fiber optic TAP, 1-10 Gbps, 50/50 to 70/30, multimode/singlemode, 1U

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Key Features

Designed for cost effective connection and efficient monitoring your network: Rack Mountable 2-Link SC Fiber Optic TAP.

This Fiber TAP is a straightforward solution. It is a perfect connectivity product for various appliances like IDS (security) tools, Packet Flow Switches, Consolidating Tools, Network Monitoring, Protocol Analysis.
Providing two separate In-Line TAP in one housing, it passively sees and monitors all protocol layers.

  • Non intrusive In-Line Monitoring
  • Permanent Network Link guaranteed
  • Monitoring for all Protocol Levels
  • No Package Loss
  • No point of failure
  • Passive, unpowered device
  • All In- and Out- Ports & all Monitor Ports at frontside
  • Tested with major analysis & monitoring systems


ProfiTAP F2S Datasheet

Ordering Information

Part Number Variant
F2S-U-50 Multimode, 1 Gbps, 50/50 split ratio
F2S-U-60 Multimode, 1 Gbps, 60/40 split ratio
F2S-U-70 Multimode, 1 Gbps, 70/30 split ratio
F2S-Z-50 Multimode, 1–10 Gbps, 50/50 split ratio
F2S-Z-60 Multimode, 1–10 Gbps, 60/40 split ratio
F2S-Z-70 Multimode, 1–10 Gbps, 70/30 split ratio
F2S-S-50 Singlemode, 1–10 Gbps, 50/50 split ratio
F2S-S-60 Singlemode, 1–10 Gbps, 60/40 split ratio
F2S-S-70 Singlemode, 1–10 Gbps, 70/30 split ratio

Connector Type

Split Ratio

50/50, 60/40, 70/30