ProfiTAP F1PS | Portable SC Fiber TAP


ProfiTAP Portable 1-Link SC Fiber Optic TAP, 1-10 Gbps, 50/50 to 70/30 split, multimode/singlemode, 1U

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Key Features
The most complete and cost effective Fiber Tap solution for the field service engineer. Dual compartment zipper pouch protects Tap and fragile Fiber Cords. Once in place it enables you to monitor half/full duplex networks and move test equipment without breaking the circuit.

The portable model is delivered with everything you need to easily use and transport it. The foamed, anti-shock zipper pouch protects the TAP and its accessories.

  • Passive monitoring
  • No point of failure
  • No power required
  • Compact, easy to carry around
  • 2 x 2m Duplex Fiber Cables
  • Dual compartment zipper pouch


ProfiTAP F1PS Datasheet

Ordering Information

Part Number Variant
F1PS-U-50 Multimode, 1 Gbps, 50/50 split ratio
F1PS-U-60 Multimode, 1 Gbps, 60/40 split ratio
F1PS-U-70 Multimode, 1 Gbps, 70/30 split ratio
F1PS-Z-50 Multimode, 1–10 Gbps, 50/50 split ratio
F1PS-Z-60 Multimode, 1–10 Gbps, 60/40 split ratio
F1PS-Z-70 Multimode, 1–10 Gbps, 70/30 split ratio
F1PS-S-50 Singlemode, 1–10 Gbps, 50/50 split ratio
F1PS-S-60 Singlemode, 1–10 Gbps, 60/40 split ratio
F1PS-S-70 Singlemode, 1–10 Gbps, 70/30 split ratio

Connector Type

Split Ratio

50/50, 60/40, 70/30