ProfiTAP F1M4 | MTP Fiber TAP

ProfiTAP 1-Link MTP Fiber Optic TAP, 40/100 Gbps SR4/SR10, 50/50 split, multimode, 1U

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Key Features
The MTP TAPs use some of the most advanced fiber optic technology available in order to bring you exceptional density and performance within an exceptionally compact footprint. We ensure instant, optimized use of your 40GBASE-SR4 and 100GBASE-SR10 networks with complete traffic visibility, zero downtime, zero packet loss, and no point of failure.

The Profitap MTP Series achieves superior performance and flexibility by using up to 24 fiber strands in a single connector. How you use these fiber strands is up to you; monitoring a single 40G/100G connection, or multiple 1G/10G ones using fanout cables: anything is possible.

· Non-intrusive in-line monitoring
· monitoring of all OSI layers
· zero downtime
· No packet loss
· No point of failure
· Passive, unpowered
· lightweight construction


ProfiTAP F1M4 Datasheet

Ordering Information

Part Number Variant
F1M4-SR4 Multimode, 40/100 Gbps SR4, 50/50 split ratio
F1M4-SR10 Multimode, 100 Gbps SR10, 50/50 split ratio

Connector Type

Split Ratio