ProfiTAP F1B-MOD | 40G BiDi TAP Module


ProfiTAP 1-Link BiDi LC Fiber Optic TAP Module, 40 Gbps, 50/50, 50 µm, multimode, up to 16 per modular chassis

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Key Features
40G BiDi Modules use OM4 Multi-Mode (850/1310nm 50_m) fiber optic cabling with a 50/50 split ratio for the monitoring of Cisco 40G bidirectional links.

· Diode function protects network against light insertion from TAP ports (>35 dB insertion loss on TAP port input blocks all signal)
· Non-intrusive in-line monitoring
· Permanent network link guaranteed
· Monitoring of all OSI layers
· No packet loss
· No point of failure
· Passive, unpowered
· Various split ratios available
· 10-year warranty


ProfiTAP F1B-MOD Datasheet


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