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ProfiTAP 8-Link 10/100/1000 Ethernet TAP, 1U

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Key Features

The C8-1G High Density Gigabit Ethernet TAP is designed for the monitoring of up to 8 in-line links in a 1U rack space. It is the highest density solution on the market today. C8-1G is well established as the ideal solution for data centers, frequently used in conjunction with Network Packet Brokers. The C8-1G seamlessly duplicates all in-line traffic at wire speed. It monitors all 7 OSI layers, and mirrors packets of all sizes and types, low-level errors, and VLAN traffic.

The C8-1G is 100% non-intrusive, has no IP address, and isolates monitoring devices from the network to ensure complete stealth and security at all times. Once in place, it allows monitoring devices to be connected and disconnected as desired, with no impact to the network link. The C8-1G features redundant PSUs, allowing a second power supply to activate if the first were to fail. In case of complete power failure, the C8-1G guarantees that the link remains operational by instantly switching to a fully passive mode.

  • Non-intrusive in-line monitoring
  • Permanent network link guaranteed
  • Bypass data on power failure
  • Monitoring of all 7 OSI layers
  • No packet loss, no point of failure
  • Supports link failure propagation (LFP)
  • Fully 802.3af, VoIP, and PoE compliant
  • Power consumption inferior to 40W
  • Redundant powering



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