ProfiTAP C1PP-100 | Portable Plastic Fiber TAP


ProfiTAP Portable plastic optical fiber TAP, 10/100 Mbps

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Key Features
The POF-TAP is a dedicated TAP for monitoring Ethernet communication on Polymer (”Plastic”) Optical Fiber Links running 10/100 Mbit Network Speed. It is your perfect solution for monitoring plastic optical fiber networks.

The POF-TAP seamlessly duplicates and converts the plastic optical fiber signal into a full-duplex 10/100 UTP signal. It is an advanced solution, designed specifically for use with existing industrial copper network monitoring systems. For optimal use with real-time applications, the POF-TAP adds no latency on the network link. It provides a monitoring output with the lowest possible delay, for the most accurate results.

· Non-intrusive in-line monitoring
· Permanent network link guaranteed
· Monitoring all OSI layers
· No packet loss & no point of failure
· Smooth operation at up to 100 m
· Tested with major analysis & monitoring systems


ProfiTAP C1PP-100 Datasheet


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