Fiber-Optic Cable CAB-OS2-MTP-4LCD | MTP/MPO to 4× LC-Duplex Breakout OS2 Singlemode


MTP12 female to 4x LC Duplex, OS2, optical cable, single-mode, PSM4, 100G to 4x25G, LC cable lenght 0.5m, 8 fibers, 9/125um, yellow, 1-100 Meters

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MTP/MPO Connector

· Low Loss Multifiber connector with 8, 12 or 24 fibers
· Connector consists of MT-ferrule and housing with push-pull locking mechanism
· Application in high-density cabling systems and data center connectivity
· Specification according to IEC 61754-5 (ferrule) and IEC 61754-7 (housing)
· Fiber pitch: 250 µm
· Fiber alignment by guide pins

Ferrules: composite material
Connector body: composite

· MTP® female with pin holes
· MTP® male with guide pins

Insertion loss
typical: 1.10 dB
maximum: 0.35 dB

Returning loss
typical: 30 dB
minimum: 20 dB

Cable adaptions available
Ø 2.9 mm round cable
8/12-fiber ribbon cable

LC Connector – LC-Duplex Connector

Small-Form-Factor connectivity system for applications in telecommunications,
data center, cabling and LAN, connections to active components.

Specification: DIN EN 61754-20
Ferrule diameter: 1.25 mm
Colours: see table

Ferrules: zirconia- ceramics
Connector body: plastics
Boot: plastics

Fiber types
Singlemode: 9/125 µm
Multimode: 50/125 µm 62.5/125 µm

Insertion loss
typical: 1.10 dB
maximum: 0.35 dB

Return loss
Singlemode: typical: 0.10 dB, max,: 0.30 dB
Multimode: typical: 0.10 dB, max.: 0.30 dB
Multimode Low Insertion Loss*: typical: 0.07 dB, max.: 0.15 dB

Mating Cycles
500, change of insertion loss < 0.2 dB

Strain relief

Temperature range
-40°C… +85°C, change of IL < 0.3 dB**

Cable adaption available for
Ø 0.9 mm semi-tight buffer
Ø 1.6 – 3mm simplex cable

Network Type

Data Transfer Rate


Connector Type

Cable Type

Cable Length

1 Meter, 2 Meters, 3 Meters, 5 Meters, 7 Meters, 10 Meters, 15 Meters, 20 Meters, 25 Meters, 30 Meters, 40 Meters, 50 Meters, 75 Meters, 100 Meters