Xilinx Alveo U250 | 2x 100G QSFP28 Data Center Accelerator Card


Xilinx 2x 100GbE QSFP28 Data Center Accelerator Card, 64GB DDR4, PCIe3.0 x16, full profile, Active/Passive cooling

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Alveo U250 Adaptable Accelerator Card for Data Center Workloads

Fast – Highest Performance

  • Up to 90X higher performance than CPUs on key workloads at 1/3 the cost
  • Over 4X higher inference throughpu3 and 3X latency advantage over GPU-based solutions

Adaptable – Accelerate Any Workload

  • Machine learning inference to video processing to any workload using the same accelerator card
  • As workloads algorithms evolve, use reconfigurable hardware to adapt faster than fixed-function accelerator card product cycles

Accessible – Cloud ↔ On-Premises Mobility

  • Deploy solutions in the cloud or on-premises interchangeably, scalable to application requirements
  • Applications available for common workloads or build your own with the application developer tool


Xilinx Alveo U250 Datasheet

Ordering Information

Part Number Variant
A-U250-P64G-PQ-G Passive cooling, Full Height, ¾ Length
A-U250-A64G-PQ-G Active cooling, Full Height, Full Length

Network Type

Data Transfer Rate

Number of Ports


Connector Type

Server Expansion Slot


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