Myricom 10G-SNF3-LICENSE | Zero Loss Packet Sniffing and Injection Security Solution License


Myricom SNF for Linux and Windows, Revision 3.0, Line Rate,Zero Loss Packet Sniffing and Injection Security Solution , required per Myricom NIC

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Key Features
· Sniffer10G enabled Myricom adapters provide a zero loss packet sniffing and injection security solution
· Sniffer10G based solutions reduce CPU overhead, leaving more server cycles for the application
· Myricom adapters DMA packets directly into user space, bypassing the kernel to lower overhead
· Supports Arista Networks DANZ time stamping
· Multiple cores or applications can process the same packets without data duplication
· Supports Libpcap/WinPcap
· Flexible Multi-Core Operation


Myricom 10G-SNF3-LICENSE Datasheet


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