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Myricom DBL for Linux and Windows, Revision 3.0, UDP latency 2.9ms, TCP latency 3.8ms (application to application), required per Myricom NIC

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DBL™ software provides unmatched communication acceleration and ultra-low latency with rapid time to deployment for industry applications in 10-Gigabit Ethernet environments. Available for both UDP and
TCP applications, DBL can be utilized in two different modes: Application Programming Interface (API) mode, and Transparent Sockets Acceleration mode. Running on Myri-10G 10-Gigabit Ethernet network adapters,
the DBL API mode provides the lowest latency UDP and TCP performance available in the fi nancial trading industry. When the complementary Transparent Sockets Acceleration mode is utilized, DBL provides the highest performance for UDP multicast and TCP order execution along with very fast time to deployment.
DBL™ leverages Myricom’s extensive experience with kernel-bypass software techniques which allow user-level applications to communicate directly with network adapters. These techniques eliminate overhead and latency traditionally incurred by interactions with the operating system.


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