Fiberblaze/Silicom Denmark FBC2XLG

Fiberblaze 2x 40GbE QSFP+ Capture Card, based on Xilinx Virtex7, 2x4GB DDR3, PCIe Gen 3 x8, full height, half length

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The Fiberblaze fbC2XLG Card with fbCAPTURE API is a cutting edge packet capture and processing PCIe device.
It performs at full line rate with zero packet loss with a wide variety of functions. It allows for pure data capture,
processing, inline applications and special purpose function.
Based on powerful FPGA Hardware technology, fbC2XLG is a high performance OEM hardware platform intended
for 40GE interfacing via its dual QSFP+ slots. With its PCIe Gen3 support, it features unrivaled performance in
transfers to and from host systems.

Network Interface
· IEEE standard: IEEE 802.3 40 Gbit/s Ethernet
· Physical interface: 2 x QSFP+ ports
· Data rate: 2 x 40 Gbit/s
· Supported QSFP+ modules:
40GBASE-SR4 (850 nm)
40GBASE-LR4 (1310 nm)
40GBASE-QSFP+ Direct Attach Cable
· Ethernet PHY directly embedded in FPGA for full
packet control
· Daisy chain between multiple cards supported
Host Interface
· Physical bus connector: 8-lane PCIe
· PCIe bus type: 1-8 lane PCIe Gen1/Gen2/Gen3
· PCIe compliant
· 64 logical channels that can be connected to DMA or
egressed to physical output ports
On Board Memory
· 8 GB (2x4GB 64 bit DDR3)
· Capture rate (card internal): Full line rate
· Capture rate (bursts): Full line rate
· Capture rate (sustained): 55 Gbps
· Transmission rate (inline host DMA): 40 Gbps
· Transmission rate (inline bypass): 68 Gbps
· Transmission rate (daisy chain): Full line rate
· Less than 3 μs to host memory
· Less than 3 μs from host memory to Tx
· Non-blocking sending, allowing user applications to
operate independently
Time Stamping & Sync
· Resolution of 3.2 ns
· Accuracy down to 20 ns
· Optional external synchronization via PPS
· Customization for PTP IEEE 1588-2008 RJ45
· Master/slave time sync between multiple cards
· Dual boot images with automatic fallback to fail-safe
· Full firmware upgrades via supplied tools or fbCAPTURE
· Physical dimensions: Half length, standard height
· PCIe: 111 x 169 mm
· Weight: 292g
· Operational power consumption: Less than 39W
· Operating temperature: 0 – 55°C, 30 – 130°F
· Operating humidity: 20 – 80%
· Hardware compliance: RoHS, CE
· Passive cooling (No on-board fan required)
Additional Board Support
· On-board temperature sensor
· On-board multi-color status LED
· Link and Activity LED for each port


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