Silicom PE325G2SPB34-ZXR | 2x 25G SFP28 Network Interface Card

Silicom 2x 25GbE SFP28 ports NIC, Broadcom BCM57304 based, low profile PCIE3 x8, no transceivers, full profile bracket incl.

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Key Features

Common Key Features:
Host Interface
· PCI Express X8 lane
· Support PCI Express Base Specification 3.0 (8GT/sec)
· Vendor ID = 0x14E4
· Device ID = 0x16CA

Performance Features:
· Function Level Reset (FLR) support
· Message Signal Interrupt (MSI-X)
· Support Jumbo frames, up to 9.6kB
· Support Jumbo frames, up to 9.6kB
· Single Root I/O Virtual

LAN Features and Virtualization Features:
· RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)
· Stateless Offloads
· Datacenter Bridging (lossless Ethernet)
· Congestion Avoidance
· TruManage™
· TruFlow™
· Network Controller Sideband Interface (NC-SI)
· IEEE 1588 PTP (Precision Timing Protocol)
· IEEE 802.1AS standard
· NetQueue
· VMQueue
· NVGRE/Geneve/IP-in-IP/GRE-aware stateless offloads
· Stateless Transport Tunneling.
· 802.3x flow control
· Link Aggregation (802.3ad)
· Configurable Flow Acceleration
· Congestion Avoidance
· Ethernet Audio/Video
· TCP/IP/L2 features:
· Large Send Offload
· Receive side scaling (RSS)
· IP/TCP/UDP checksum
· IPv4, IPv6
· Receive Segment Coalescing
· Generic Receive Offload
· Header-Payload Split
· LEDs indicator for link/Activity


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