Netronome Agilio CX ISA-4000-25-2-2 | 2x 25G SFP28 SmartNIC

Netronome 2x 25GbE SFP28, Agilio CX SmartNIC, PCIe3.0 x8, low profile

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Agilio CX 2x 25GbE SmartNIC
SmartNIC for High-Performance Cloud, SDN and NFV Networking


  • vSwitch datapath offload on popular OS platforms
  • SR-IOV, DPDK, zero-copy, packetdirect and stateless offloads
  • Server-based networking, processing up to 2M stateless and stateful flows
  • Comprehensive network acceleration technologies
  • Industry-leading intelligent data plane architecture
  • Fully programmable control for new network feature rollouts
  • Flexible and scalable tunneling and match-action policies

Key Features

Virtual Switch Data plane Offload

  • VXLAN, NVGRE, MPLS tunnel encapsulation and de-encapsulation
  • Programmable for custom tunnel types
  • Flexible exact match-action and wildcard policy offloads
  • In-hardware flow cache for cutthrough acceleration
  • Stateless and stateful load balancing
  • Per-flow metering and QoS

Network Acceleration and Offloads

  • TCP/UDP/IP stateless offload
  • Receive-side scaling (RSS)
  • Single-Root IOV (SR-IOV)
  • Multiple queues per virtual machine
  • DPDK, zero-copy, kernel bypass, packet direct

Acceleration of Compute-intensive Functions

  • Deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • Atomic operations
  • Per-flow real-time statistics

Other Features

  • Up to 2M flows on card
  • Up to 500k tunnels
  • P4 and C-programmable for fast feature rollouts



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