Chelsio T62100-SO-CR


Chelsio 2x 40/50/100GbE QSFP28 Server Offload Adapter, PCIE3 x16, Low Profile, 32K conn.

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· PCI Express Gen3 x16
· Low latency user-space I/O
· Full TCP and UDP offload
· Full iSCSI, FCoE offload
· Full NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) offload
· Full TLS/SSL, DTLS, IPsec and SMB 3.X crypto offload
· OVS Offload with openflow support
· DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit)
· Integrated media streaming offload
· Traffic filtering & management
· Supports x86, Armv8 (Aarch64), IBM Power and OpenPOWER Servers


Datacenter Networking
· Scale out servers and NAS systems
· Consolidate LAN, SAN and cluster networks
· Enhanced network and server security

Cloud Computing
· Virtualization features to maximize cloud scaling and utilization
· Runs InfiniBand, FibreChannel applications unmodified over Ethernet
· Cloud-ready functional and management features
· Secure Sockets offload
· QoS and Traffic Management

Networked Storage
· Enable high performance NAS systems and Ethernet-based SANs
· Develop shared-storage systems providing both file and block level services
· Build high performance storage backend fabrics using Ethernet
· Encrypt all communication and data at rest

High Performance Computing
· Very low latency Ethernet
· High performance RDMA support
· Increase cluster fabric bandwidth


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