Myricom 10G-PCIE3-8D-2S+DBL


Myricom 2x 10GbE SFP+ NIC (dual port QSFP incl. QSFP to SFP+ adapters),PCIe Gen3 x8, incl. DBL4 low-latency, A/B arbitrage, no optics incl.

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Key Features
· 10GbE adapter that out performs the competition at “tick to trade”, particularly when you exploit our hardware offload features
· A/B arbitration in hardware for up to 4 sources per feed (fiber and microwave arbitration)
· No dropped packets even during the busiest time of the trading day
· Industry’s largest host buff ers in case your application cannot keep up with surges in feed transaction rates
· The most accurate way to measure application “tick to trade” latency
· Industry’s best customer support

Bus Interface:
PCI Express Gen3,8lanes wide

Form Factor: Low-profil PCI Express x8 add-in card. Ships with a standard height faceplate installed; low profile faceplate in the box. The optional time kit has a standard height faceplate with coax connectors installers.

Electrical Power: Adapter power consumption is compliant with the x8 PCIe standard. Actual power consumption is dependent upon firmware load and has been measured at 18.3 watts using two Ethernet ports and passive, copper cables with firmware BR5/RC3.

Enviromental: CSPi recommends that adapters be installed into servers that provide some air flow over the PCIe slots (very common). Use in an office or computer room environment.

DBL Endpoints: Support for 16 simultaneous rings (DBL endpoints). The size of each ring is limited by the amount of available host memory. Support for up to 511 simultaneous UDP multicast groups open per Ethernet port (1022 per board).

Latency: Myricom adapters perform the networking portion of a tick-to-trade in about 1.8x ms, 99% of the time. Coupled with an efficient, time-tested programming model and world class customer support, Myricom adapters are industry leading in low latency and feature set.

Packets per Second: Every adapter optimized for ultra-low latency will bump into a maximum packet-per-second rate when the packets hit Intel’s PCIe implementation. That maximum depends upon the Intel chip on the other end of the PCIe bus. Generally expect to achieve the rate of a single 10 Gbit Ethernet port (14.88 M PPS dependent on packet size). The typical usage model, of one port ingress and one port egress, supports dropless operation.

On-board clock tick accuracy: ±10 nanoseconds when measuring latency using the on-board TCXO. Use the optional timing inputs for accuracy over long periods of time or to synchronize time between multiple cards. Refer to the timing kit datasheet for details.

IEEE 1588: Myricom time stamps are captured in a manner that allow IEEE-1588 software implementations to deliver highly accurate, synchronized time.

Passive Copper Cable Length: Retimers, included on the adapter, support a 7 meter target specification with a quality, passive, copper cable. Not all passive cable specifications support this length. Using a QSFP to SFP+ adapter may also limit cable length.

Operating Systems: Support for all major Linux distributions as well as Windows 2008R2 and newer
Virtualization: Myricom adapters are compatible with all popular virtual environments, provided that users assign the adapter to a single virtual machine. The alternative, sharing an adapter, conflicts with delivering high performance.


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