STORDIS SwitchWorkShop P4 | Dedicated 3-Day-Workshop with Certified Developer for P4 Switches

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SwitchWorkShop P4, incl. 3 days of Certified Developer time to build customer specific P4 or Security Filtering, Balancing applications


STORDIS SwitchWorkShop P4

STORDIS SwitchWorkShop P4

SwitchWorkShop P4 is a dedicated 3-day-workshop with a certified Developer for P4 switches. It is designed to work directly, online or offline, as a workshop team facilitator and domain expert to fast-track the initial design process for a P4 development.

Ideally suited to the Systems or Applications Engineer (individual or teams not greater than six participants) who are about to embark on a the development of a P4-based system or application. While participants should ideally have some P4 exposure, it is not strictly necessary as the focus of the workshop will be on design; remember that P4 is just a language for implementing a design. One of our several value-adds is to bridge the real-world gap between what is theoretically possible in P4 and what is actually possible on Tofino-based platforms.

Download the datasheet below for further information on the goal, audience, session content and pre-requisites for this course or get in touch with us.



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